Thermowood is a thermal modification process using steam ( without using any chemicals ) and high heat( 185 ° C and 212 ° C) treatment to increase the durability of wood.

This process is variable depending on the type of wood , thickness and initial moisture content. We use our computer controlled custom-built facility to make this process.

Timbers that will be use for thermowood process will classified according to characteristics such as moisture content,snug(nuts), fiber structure etc.

Similar properties of the material are treated simultaneously.

In principle all type of wood can be us efor modification process, even though the overall wood species were treated with thermal modification is Pine, Ash, Ayous , Iroko and Spruce.


  • Has increased durability against decay
  • Has increased resistance to all weather conditions
  • The resin was removed
  • Cracking and resistance to rotation is increased
  • It is 100% natural
  • Thermal conductivity is decreased
  • Stability is increased
  • Color distribution is homogeneous
  • Humidity is minimized

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